True Mean Blood Pressure
Systolic Blood Pressure
Diastolic Blood Pressur
Heart Rate
*Pulse Pressure
-50 to +350 mmHg
-50 to +350 mmHg
-50 to +350 mmHg
12 to 999 bpm
0 to 350 mmHg
0.2 mmHg
0.2 mmHg
0.2 mmHg
0.1 bpm
0.4 mmHg
*Within DMSI-200 host software interface

The Digi-Med Blood Pressure Analyzer (BPA-400) is a compact microprocessor-based instrument which measures and analyzes blood pressures (systolic, diastolic and mean) and heart rate in research animals. (Pulse pressure is calculated and displayed within the DMSI-200 host software). It acquires high-sample-rate data from a nanoliter-volume transducer and processes the signal waveforms within milliseconds to provide instantaneous analyzed values.

The researcher can now concentrate on data interpretation, not post-experiment calculations with possible human error in stripchart or computer screen scanning.

The Digi-Med BPA can be used in acute and chronic experiments. Each compact module functions either as a stand-alone single unit or with other Digi-Med instruments in integrated PC-based monitoring systems.

Data is simultaneously displayed on the digital front panel and the host PC monitor at user-selected intervals, with optional outputs to a stripchart recorder, oscilloscope or compact thermal printer.

The host PC can then be used for subsequent statistical analysis by spreadsheet and database software.

Unlike polygraphs and tail-cuff systems, the Digi-Med BPA provides equally accurate measures of systolic, diastolic and true mean arterial pressure (MAP), enabling the researcher to reliably interpret physiologic causes for changes in the various pressures.

Equiprecise analysis of all three pressures permits inferences about the heart and periphery which are not otherwise revealed. Accurate measure-ment, even in smaller animals like mice with very high heart rates, is ensured by the small-compliance transducer coupled with a 1,000 points-per-second data-sampling rate.

The BPA obtains true MAP by perform-ing a digital integration of the pressure waveform rather than by simple range calculations based only on systolic and diastolic pressures. True MAP is crucial to identifying cardiovascular conditions such as aortic aneurism, atherosclerosis, and peripheral vasoconstriction.

Digi-Med is a registered trademark of Micro-Med, Inc. 1997 Micro-Med Inc.


Dimensions: 5.75 in high, 10 in wide, 9.5 in deep, incl. cable clearance. Weighs under 9 lb.

Pressure Range: -50 to +350 mmHg .

Frequency Response: 45 cycles/sec after amplification of microvoltages from transducer, followed by microprocessor sampling at 1,000 points/sec and front panel display at half-sec intervals.

Balance & calibration:
Push-button with analyzer retention of factors even when turned off and unplugged.

Warranty: One-year limited warranty.


Transducer Package:
TXD-310 fixed-dome transducer, holder and 13-ft exten-sion cable with excitation from analyzer at +2.5 volts DC and ultra-low compli-ance of 0.023 nanoliters per mmHg.

Cardiovascular System Integrator:
Software, plug-in board and cables to link one or more BPAs with other analyzers in a computerized multi-channel system.

Analog Output Package:
Internal cir-cuitry and 10-ft shielded cable to output instantaneous pressure as an analog 0-to-10 volt signal to an analog recorder or CRT oscilloscope.

Printer: 80-column thermal printer and cable.