The Digi-Med System Integrator Model 200 (DMSI-200) is a Windows-based data collection, display and storage system for use with Digi-Med analyzers linked to a personal computer. Third- party equipment can also be integrated through the Digi-Med Analog Signal Analyzer (ASA).

A DMSI system consists of an eight-channel serial communi-cation board, serial cables to connect up to eight analyzers to the computer, and the System Integrator software.

With a DMSI, the researcher can now concentrate on data interpretation, not post-experiment calculations with possible human error in strip-chart or computer screen scanning. And system installation and configuration are so simple, you will not be dependent on third-party consultants or in-house "gurus."

Analyzed data is simultaneously displayed on the analyzer front panels and sent to the host PC for display and storage. Output files of both analyzed and raw data are easily imported into popular spreadsheet and graphing software like Lotus 123, Excel, SigmaPlot, and Origin for subsequent statistical analysis and graphing. There are optional outputs to a strip-chart recorder, oscilloscope and/or thermal printer.

Data is viewed on the DMSI Control Screen as windows containing scrolling data tables, data graphs and/or waveform graphs. The windows are opened, closed and configured "on the fly" by point-and-click and dragging actions by the mouse.

Waveform Window

Trend Window (i.e. Mean vs. Time)

All Digi-Med analyzers can be used singly as stand-alone units, as well as modules in a DMSI system. Unusually affordable, they feature push-button balance and calibration, on-line analysis and display, superior data-capture rates, and many other advanced features.