The Digi-Med Heart Performance Analyzer (HPA-410) is a compact digital instrument which simultaneously measures and analyzes 10 key parameters of the contraction and relaxation mecha-nisms of the heart in laboratory animals. Information is instantaneously analyzed, displayed, stored, and ready for interpre-tation with no further post-experimental analysis needed. The unit contains outputs for connections to a computer, analog recording device, or a thermal printer.


Peak Intraventricular Systolic Pressure
Minimum Intraventricular Diastolic Pressure
End Diastolic Intraventricular Pressure
Heart Rate
Maximum Instantaneous dP/dt
Duration of Contraction
Maximum Instantaneous Negative dP/dt
Duration of Relaxation
1/2 Time of Relaxation

-50 to +350 mmHg
-50 to +350 mmHg
-50 to +350 mmHg
12 to 999 bpm
100 to 65,500 mmHg/sec
5 to 5000 msec
100 to 65, 500 mmHg/sec
0.1 to 999.9 msec

5 to 5000 msec
5 to 5000 msec

0.2 mmHg
0.2 mmHg
0.2 mmHg
Greater of 0.1 bpm
Greater of 75 mmHg/sec or 2%
1 msec
Greater of 75 mmHg/sec or 2%

1 msec
1 msec

Superior Research

The HPA can be used with virtually any type of pressure transducer. A modern ultra-low-volume transducer with displacement of only 0.023 nanoliters per mmHg can be provided, permitting low-noise measurements even in small animals such as mice and young rats which are often the preferred models of human disease.

Advanced Technology

Other pressure-measuring systems are inadequate for high-grade measurements of intraventricular pressure slopes in the rat or mouse heart, and are even questionable for slope measure-ments in the hearts of larger animals such as dogs, sheep and pigs.

In addition, other systems, whether they have been "digitized" or still consist of analog stripchart recorders, require extensive labor-intensive steps to analyze the raw data. The Digi-Med HPA provides variables of heart function instantaneously and automatically.

The portable units feature push-button balance and calibration, and automatic recognition by the Digi-Med System Integrator software.


Dimensions: 5.75 in high, 10 in wide, 9.5 in deep, incl. cable clearance. Weighs under 9 lb.

Pressure Range: -50 to 350 mmHg.

Frequency Response
: 45 cycles/sec after amplification of microvoltages from transducer, followed by microprocessor sampling at 1,000 points/sec and front panel display at half-sec intervals.

Balance & calibration
: Push-button with analyzer retention of factors even when turned off and unplugged.

Warranty: One-year limited warranty.


Transducer Package: TXD-310 fixed-dome transducer, holder and 13-ft exten-sion cable with excitation from analyzer at +2.5 volts DC and ultra-low compli-ance of 0.023 nanoliters per mmHg.

Cardiovascular System Integrator: Software, plug-in board and cables to link one or more analyzers in a computerized multi-channel system.

Analog Output Package
: Internal circuitry and 10-ft shielded cable to output instantaneous pressure as an analog 0-to-10 volt signal to an analog recorder or CRT oscilloscope.

: 80-column thermal printer and cable.