The Digi-Med Low Pressure Analyzer (LPA-400) is a compact digital instru-ment which simultaneously measures and analyzes 7 key parameters of pressure and time in low-pressure regions of labora-tory animals. It can be used as a stand-alone single unit or combined with other instruments in integrated PC-based monitoring systems. Information is instantaneously analyzed, displayed, stored, and ready for interpre-tation with no further post-experimental analysis needed. The unit contains outputs for connections to a computer, analog recording device, or a thermal printer.


True Mean Pressure
Maximum Pressure
Minimum Pressure
Time in milliseconds between Maxima
Time in milliseconds between adjacent Maxima & Minima
Frequency (cpm) between Maxima
Frequency (cpm) between Maxima & adjacent Minima

-50 to +150 mmHg (-68 to +204 cmH 2 O)
-50 to +150 mmHg (-68 to +204 cmH 2 O)
-50 to +150 mmHg (-68 to +204 cmH 2 O)
60 to 5000 msec
5 to 5000 msec
18 to 999 cpm
18 to 999 cpm

0.2 mmHg
0.2 mmHg
0.2 mmHg
1 msec
1 msec

New Research Directions

In the past, low pressures and very small changes in pressure have been difficult to measure accurately because of insuffi-cient transducer sensitivity coupled with inadequate resolution of the data re-corded by analog devices. It was often infeasible to quantify such potentially meaningful measurements.

Now, a modern ultra-low-volume transducer with displacement of only 0.023 nanoliters per mmHg can be provided, permitting low-noise measurements even in small animals such as mice and young rats which are often the preferred models of human disease.

Advanced Technology

The Digi-Med LPA's fast sampling rate and display of analyzed parameters every 1/2 second give you precise data resolution for superior research results.

In addition, other systems, whether they have been "digitized" or still consist of analog stripchart recorders, require extensive labor-intensive steps to analyze the raw data. The Digi-Med LPA provides variables of low pressure and time instantaneously and automatically.


Dimensions: 5.75 in high, 10 in wide, 9.5 in deep, incl. cable clearance. Weighs under 9 lb.

Pressure Range
: -50 to 150 mmHg .

Frequency Response: 45 cycles/sec after amplification of microvoltages from transducer, followed by microprocessor sampling at 1,000 points/sec and front panel display at half-sec intervals.

Balance & calibration: Push-button with analyzer retention of factors even when turned off and unplugged.

Warranty: One-year limited warranty.


Transducer Package: TXD-310 fixed- dome transducer, holder and 13-ft exten-sion cable with excitation from analyzer at +2.5 volts DC and ultra-low compli-ance of 0.023 nanoliters per mmHg.

Cardiovascular System Integrator
: Software, plug-in board and cables to link one or more LPAs with other analyzers in a computerized multi-channel system.

Analog Output Package: Internal circuitry and 10-ft shielded cable to output instantaneous pressure as an analog 0-to-10 volt signal to an analog recorder or CRT oscilloscope.
Printer: 80-column thermal printer and cable.