The Digi-Med Sinus Rhythym Analyzer (SRA-400) is a compact digital instrument which simultaneously analyzes for 12 key parameters of the electrical activity of the heart in laboratory animals. It can be used as a stand-alone single unit, typically with an otional thermal printer, or combined with other instruments in integrated PC-based monitoring systems. Information is instantaneously analyzed, displayed on the SRA front panel and printed and/or sent to the computer, ready for interpretation with no further post-experimental analysis needed. The unit contains outputs for connection to a computer, analog recording device (optional), and/or thermal printer.

Millivolt ECG Signal

The SRA is connected to a three-electrode set to provide direct, highly accurate measurements in chronic or acute experiments.

It automatically samples the millivolt electrical signal from the leads attached to a research animal, and instantaneously analyzes the ECG waveform to derive 12 measures of heart electrical activity, helping define nomal activity and detect and quantitate the occurrence of heart arrythmias.

Histogram Graphs

When connected to a computer via the Digi-Med System Integrator, the SRA provides graphical histograms, visual representations of the frequency distribution of certain ECG variables. Three hisotgrams are maintained: All R-R Intervals, Normal R-R Intervals, and All QRS Durations.

Variables Measured

* Heart Rate

* Last R-R Interval

* Avg. Normal R-R Interval

* Avg. Abnormal R-R Interval

* Avg. Duration of Normal QRS Complexes

* Avg. Duration of Abnormal QRS Complexes

* Percent Abnormal QRS Complexes

* Percent Duration of Abnormal QRS Complexes

* Number of Groups of Abnormal QRS Complexes

* Avg. duration of Abnormal QRS Groups

* Duration of Longest Abnormal Group

* Duration of Shortest Abnormal Group


: 5.75 in high, 10 in wide, 9.5 in deep, incl. cable clearance. Weighs under 9 lb.

Input Voltage: 10 Volts

Frequency Response: 125 cycles/ second after amplification of microvoltages from ECG, followed by microprocessor sampling at 1,000 Hz and front panel display at half-sec intervals.

Balance and Calibration: Push-button electrical positioning and scientific unit calibration with analyzer retention of factors even when turned off and un-plugged.

Electrode Set
: Research-class three-electrode lead set with alligator clips.

Warranty: One-year limited warranty.


Digi-Med System Integrator: Soft-ware, plug-in board and cables to link one or more analyzers in a computerized multi-channel system.

: 80-column thermal printer and cable.