The Digi-Med Tissue Force Analyzer (TFA-410) is a compact digital instrument which measures and displays generated force from smooth muscle samples. It is used with a typical muscle bath chamber for automatic analysis of 8 key force indicators which characterize contraction and relaxation responses over time in single and cumulative dose response protocols.

Analysis includes slope and duration of both fast and slow phases of tissue response, providing important indices of intracellular calcium release and transmembrane calcium entry which enable researchers to accurately differentiate response mechanisms for many agonists and antagonists.

The TFA's flexible design and push-button set-up enable the use of virtually any experimental protocol. Accurate measures are obtainable from any smooth muscle strip or ring that can be affixed to the transducer of choice, from larger samples generating 100 gram forces down to small tissues at 100 mg force levels.

Relegate polygraphs and their printouts to the closet

With outstanding economy of space, labor, time and other resources vs. older methods of recording and analysis, up to 8 TFA modules can be combined into a fully integrated PC based system via the Digi-Med System Integrator. These systems provide on-line monitoring and analysis of key experimental parameters as well as automatic electronic archiving of all analyzed parameters.

Variables Measured

* Instantaneous Force in grams, averaged over the last 1/2 second

* Current slope in g/min, over the last 1/2 sec of the waveform

* Peak: Max or min force in grams, measured w/ continuous update. Max force measured with respect to baseline force if in contraction response, min force with respect to previous max if in relaxation response

* Area in g/min, below the curve for contraction response; between the curve and previous max for relaxation response

*Fast slope: in g/min for fast phase portion (if any) of the response waveform (contraction repsonse only)

* Slow slope: in g/min for the slow phase portion of the response waveform (contraction response only)

* Amplitude: peak to peak, in grams, of any spontaneous oscillations

* Frequency in cycles/min of any spontaneous oscillations

* Time Stamp


: 5.75 in high, 10 in wide, 9.5 in deep, incl. cable clearance. Weighs under 9 lb.

Force Range: Limited primarily by the transducer used. Analyzer can be custom-ized from 0-2 gram range to 0-1,000 gram range.

Data sampling: 100 sample points per second to give 0.1 second response time for force changes.

Balance and Calibration: Push-button with analyzer retention of factors even when turned off and unplugged.

Transducer: Compatible with existing force transducers, with appropriate adapter cables.

: One-year limited warranty.


Digi-Med System Integrator
: Software, plug-in board and cables to link one or more analyzers in a computerized multi-channel system.

: 80-column thermal printer and cable.

Analog Output Package: Internal circuitry and 10 ft. shielded cable to output instantaneous force as an analog voltage from a single TFA module to an analog recorder.